In the Courtyard

Last week I participated in the Mini Masterpieces programme being run during summer session at Bristol University. My challenge was to complete a short video, from pitch to final edit in just over two weeks, with the assistance of a professional team. I would direct, something I was a little better prepared for than a [...]

A Visit with Lucy, Darwin and Michele Guieu

Michele Guieu is a French artist who recently created a largely  ephemeral installation contemplating her own relationship with and influences from palaeontology, Darwinian evolutionary theory and her experiences living in Africa with her parents as a child. The Art Produce Gallery is a small space adjacent to an excellent coffee bar in San Diego. It’s [...]

Visiting the Purton Hulks

Last week’s field trip involved the reconnoitre of the Severn foreshore between Sharpness and Gloucester on the eastern side, and then down to Lydney on the west bank. This means we largely looked at maritime and industrial  sites, and of those we saw, the most spectacular was the “Purton Hulks”. Also the most interesting in [...]


Here’s the problem: They make TV dramas about all sorts of occupations; crab fishermen, lawyers, doctors, ice-truckers. The excellent A Very Peculiar Practice even made academic environments look intriguing and Third Rock from the Sun had some fun with anthropology.  So why can’t they make a good dramatic or humorous series about archaeologists then? Bonekickers, a 6 part series shown in [...]

From the field…

I am currently back to university doing some graduate work  on the uses  of so called “screen media” in archaeological interpretation.   My interests are actually a little broader than this, but focusing on archaeology for now is a useful discipline, and on my course, the definition of archaeology is extremely broad, taking in the study [...]