Basque Arborglyph film to be featured on Strata/ Portraits of Humanity

An Archaeoikon film,  Hunting the Mountain Picassos will soon be featured on the Archaeological Legacy Institute's  monthly Internet/TV show, "Strata: Portraits of Humanity," produced by  the Archaeological Legacy Institute.  The film, made for the Nevada Arts Council's folklife series Nevada Stories, explores the work of Great Basin  Arborglyph collectors Jean and

Namibian Workshops

Peter Wilcox, (our tech support specialist and head  film editor for Archaeoikon) has just returned fro Namibia where he ran a film workshop for local students and documented the first Python conference in Namibia, using some of our latest sound equipment at the University of Namibia in Windhoek. Python is a programming language which Cardiff [...]

Conflict Archaeology Exhibit Fundraising Pitch Film

Archaeoikon members Teri Brewer and Cristina Mosconi  are working with landscape archaeologist John Winterburn to prepare a pitch film to be used in  a crowdfunding appeal to create an exhibit based on his recent work in Jordan. The Mudawarra Project will help mount an exhibit on the archaeology of the  First World War era campaign [...]

Basque Arborglyphs

Hunting the Mountain Picassos, a short film made by Teri Brewer for the Nevada Arts Council and the Nevada Historical Society was featured on "Strata: Portraits of Humanity," a program sponsored by  the Archaeological Legacy Institute. The film explores the lifelong passion of Jean and Phillip Earl, collectors of arborglyphs:  a tree carving tradition associated with [...]

Michael Wilcox

Michael Wilcox will be joining us from  April 2015 as Atelier archivist and researcher. A retired archivist with a background in archaeology, he has been involved in several previous productions in the background but will now take on occasional research assignments relating to new productions.

Refining a Pilot Film

 Archaeology from the Ashes is a film short about wildfire and  archaeology  in California. It focuses on the San Diego back country, where a complex topography and a convoluted wildland/urban interface together with older fire suppression practices  which are now widely questioned contributed  to the ferocity of a string of wildfires between 2000 and 2010.  One [...]

Ye Sygne of Swanne

Off to the North Country  I went to help produce an episode of archaeological television. So, what would  be my line? One of the decisions interns have to make is what aspect of the production they most want to work on. A few months ago I might have said camerawork, but I am firmly moving [...]