Catalina Island Conservancy 2015 Conservation and Education Symposium

Archaeologist Desiree Martinez, co-director of the Pimu Catalina Island Archaeological Project gave a presentation on recent  excavation and research into island history that included some  discussion of  our film A Donation to the Museum, released earlier this year. Desiree was involved in this film project which explored how grave goods and human skeletal remains from [...]

Conversations at La Casona

La Casona is a settlement on the Guaymi Indigenous Reserve in the Coto Brus canton of southern Costa Rica.  In October 2015, Teri Brewer accompanied cultural geographer and ethnobotanist Jeannine Koshear as co-investigator and filmmaker for an initial revisit of this community where Koshear worked 25 years ago.  Brewer and Koshear worked to document Guaymi [...]

Mudawwara 1918-2018

We are now in the final stages of working on a little film to support a crowdfunding campaign for archaeologist John Winterburn's Mudawwara Project.  John has been involved in the excavation of three Great Arab Revolt  redoubt sites in Jordan which overlooked the Hejaz Railway station in Medawwara during the legendary campaign to disrupt that [...]

Update: Cristina Mosconi

Our collaborator Cristina Mosconi is now at the start of  a PhD program at Exeter University which will help her develop her professional interest in locative media for heritage interpretation. Her MA  work on  a phone based app for use at the Rollright Stones, a megalithic site in Oxfordshire is now being developed into a [...]

Filling the Air with Sound

When the refreshed Imperial Valley Desert Museum re-opens after installation of new permanent exhibits in June 2015, the spine tingling voices you hear coming from ceiling speakers in one area of the museum will be from an Archaeoikon production.  Teri Brewer and ethnographer Richard Carrico were recording a session with some of the distinguished Birdsingers [...]

ABX Returns

A second Anza Borrego Expedition field trip is now in planning  for  Spring 2016.  We will be collaborating with local partners to develop a new field trip which will start from San Diego and explore lesser known byways of San Diego County and possibly northern Baja California for a week. Tentatively scheduled for March 2016, [...]