A set of four films developed for a  larger project initiated by the Kumeyaay Heritage Preservation Committee. Richard Carrico of Recuerdos Research acted as Project Director:

  • Maaya Shewiiw Tipaay Umat Nyakwaaychurr: The Creator Watches Over Us Taking Care of the Land of the People (with Carmen Lucas)
  • Maay Uyow: Kumeyaay Sky Knowledge with (Michael Mishkwish Connolly)
  • ‘Emat Chemuuyuw; Kumeyaay Ethnobotany (with Jane Dumas and Richard Bugbee)
  • Singing “Bird”:  Continuing The Kumeyaay Tradition ( With Paul Cuero Jr. and Ral Christman)

Teri Brewer  was the  filmmaker  and project ethnographer, working with Richard and under the guidance of elders with specialist knowledge who also acted as co-producers. (Their names are  indicated in parentheses for each film.)

The films are  distributed through Rockhill Learning.