In the Courtyard

Last week I participated in the Mini Masterpieces programme being run during summer session at Bristol University. My challenge was to complete a short video, from pitch to final edit in just over two weeks, with the assistance of a professional team. I would direct, something I was a little better prepared for than a month ago, having taken a workshop on directing previously.  I was interested in a particular courtyard (in Cardiff) currently occupied mostly by artist’s studios and wanted to  work out a proposal for a pitch that would focus on this space. Went through a lot of ideas, and we agreed it would be most interesting to find a way of making the structures around the courtyard the protagonist of the film. However, in the time given, for the life of me I could not work out how to do this without  doing something twee.  Anyway, the film got made, and the courtyard was used. I was not unhappy with the way it came out in some ways, but I found the end result a little overpowering. This is a good lesson to me that things have a power on the big screen and you need to rein it in and be more reined in on what you put together because it rather shouts at you in the end on a larger screen.  It would be interesting to re-edit this, to find some way of toning it down and making it more subtle. Definitely  need to work with music differently. Anyway it was an interesting experience, and I will link to the end result soon. The problem of making a structure or an object the protagonist in a film in an interesting way is one I will come back to since it is so useful in archaeological filmmaking. (see also my note at FD4F