This week we start a collaboration between Archaeoikon and Beyond Utility. We are planning a little film that takes a coracle’s eye view (as it were) on the environmental problems threatening the River Tywi traditional salmon fishery in Wales. Bet you did not know that there are only three active licenses for coracle fishing on the Tywi now. Nope, you did not.

I bet you did not know that this is the International Year of the Salmon either. You may have. We certainly did. Matthew is out engaged in the small scale set netting salmon fishery on Kodiak Island in Alaska right now so we are already getting weekly reports in from a fish camp there and hope to bring in reports from other salmon fisheries too. Our Welsh insights are being developed with much help from Zach, our assistant producer on this project which he was the instigator of, and who is himself an apprentice Tywi coracle man.

Peter and I head down for our first shoot in Carmarthen later this week. We will be working out how to get the night shots we need, doing some background interviewing and watching and filming the local coracle races next weekend too.