Conversations at La Casona

La Casona is a settlement on the Guaymi Indigenous Reserve in the Coto Brus canton of southern Costa Rica.  In October 2015, Teri Brewer accompanied cultural geographer and ethnobotanist Jeannine Koshear as co-investigator and filmmaker for an initial revisit of this community where Koshear worked 25 years ago.  Brewer and Koshear worked to document Guaymi […]

Refining a Pilot Film

 Archaeology from the Ashes is a film short about wildfire and  archaeology  in California. It focuses on the San Diego back country, where a complex topography and a convoluted wildland/urban interface together with older fire suppression practices  which are now widely questioned contributed  to the ferocity of a string of wildfires between 2000 and 2010.  One […]

Ye Sygne of Swanne

Off to the North Country  I went to help produce an episode of archaeological television. So, what would  be my line? One of the decisions interns have to make is what aspect of the production they most want to work on. A few months ago I might have said camerawork, but I am firmly moving […]

In the Courtyard

Last week I participated in the Mini Masterpieces programme being run during summer session at Bristol University. My challenge was to complete a short video, from pitch to final edit in just over two weeks, with the assistance of a professional team. I would direct, something I was a little better prepared for than a […]