Archaeoikon  is a collaborative atelier specializing in  production management and documentary research  for  visual ethnography,  archaeology, documentary and heritage screen media. exhibits or audio productions. We support the visual interpretation of cultural landscapes, archaeology, folk arts, material culture, traditional and local knowledge as well as exploring challenges in curation for a variety of audiences using both traditional and new media. 

 We develop independent productions, commissioned projects, travelling exhibits and  other programs both as individuals and help manage  collaboration with local communities and other filmmakers.

Contact us us to discuss how we can support your project. From initial proposals, background research, treatments,  and. storyboards    to funding applications to production management, directing, camerawork  sound and  post production,  

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2019 will be a year of change for for Archaeoikon. We are restructuring the atelier to develop a wider geographical coverage and some new production collaborations While we will still produce archaeological, ethnographic and folk arts films we will be increasing support for  wildlife, science and arts projects. as well as developing other educational media.